Reflective, independent and creative thinking

Combining years of experience with new knowledge. Thinking across technologies. Implementing ideas quickly and according to customers' wishes. It is these approaches that make us specialists in the field of functional surface coatings. A highly qualified team with a sense of customer needs and new trends ensures that this will remain the case in the future.


Shortly after the turn of the millennium a future-oriented team founded ETC PRODUCTS GmbH with the intention of developing and marketing novel nano-coatings. The concept has proved effective. Now ETC PRODUCTS have many years of experience in the production of functional coatings for substrates such as glass, ceramics and enamel. We still believe that we have a feeling for relevant market developments and a drive for innovation. The heart of the operation is our development department in which over 60% of the staff work as chemists or chemical laboratory assistants. This is where the new coatings are developed, where their application is inspected and where they are subjected to rigorous testing. Even during development we ensure that our products are designed as user-friendly and as safe for humans and the environment as possible. We always strive to produce coating systems with the highest quality standards but moreover to advise customers in an application-oriented manner and to offer individual product modifications.