For glass, ceramics & enamel

"What is essential is invisible to the eye"

This notion of the little prince from the story by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry also applies figuratively to the surfaces of ETC PRODUCTS. With a thickness of less than 100 nm, they’re invisible to the naked eye, but they have an enormous impact. They provide glass or ceramic surfaces with completely new chemical and physical properties. They become more resistant, more dirt-repellent or their refraction of light changes.



Simple use - high quality

Characteristics of our coatings include high transparency and excellent chemical and mechanical stability. Moreover, a variation of the sol composition and process parameters offers the possibility to produce layers with different properties. As a result the layers maintain the respectively desired functionality while also possessing a low degree of thickness, high uniformity and defined density. The layers are applied with methods such as dipping, rubbing, spraying, rolling or screen printing.


Focussed yes, blinkered no

Our core competence is the production of coating materials by means of chemical nanotechnology. However, even such a high-quality material can only produce good coatings under the right preconditions. Therefore, we also deal with issues such as surface cleaning and application procedures.

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